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The residents of the city are avid sports fans. In Quetta, unlike most of Pakistan, football rather than cricket is the most popular sport. Football teams from Quetta include Quetta Zorawar, Afghan Football, Hazara Green Football, Baluch Football and Quetta Bazigars Club. Among its most famous footballers are Abdul Wahid Durrani (Wahido) Taj Senior, Taj Junior, Qayyum Changezi, Agha Gul, Mohammad Younas Changezi, Mohammad Ismaeel Durrani (a famous goal keeper) and his son, Dawood Durrani of the PIA football team, and Kazim Ali Sheralyat, the former captain of PakistanAbdul Kalaiq Laaley. Other sportsmen include the bodybuilders Din Mohammad Brohvi (Mr. Pakistan) and Noorullah Khan Durrani,(Mr. Pakistan Runner-up) and the cricketer Shoaib Khan, a former member of the Pakistan national cricket team.

In cricket, Quetta is home to the Quetta Bears.

In field hockey, Quetta has produced Zeeshan Ashraf and Shakeel Abbasi, who are current members of the Pakistan national field hockey team. In mountain climbing and caving there is Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride of Performance), the chief executive of Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy at Hanna Lake. In Kayaking, Muhammad Abubakar Durrani, National Junior Champion was selected for the world Junior Canoeing Championship in 2009 in Moscow. In Boxing Olympians from Quetta include: Syed Agha Ibrar Shah,Abdul Salam Khan Kakar, Asghar Ali Changezi and Haider Ali Changezi. Weight lifting Dilawar Khan Khilji, Mohammad Rafiq Khan Khilji and Mohammad Alam Khan Kakar were the famous weightlifters.

In squash, Hiddy Jahan Khan was ranked among the top-6 players in the world from 1970 through to 1986. British Open champion Qamer Zaman also hails from Quetta. Other famous squash players include: Zarak Jahan Khan, Abdul Wali Khan Khilji, Hamayoon Khan Khilji, Zubair Jahan Khan, Shams ul Islam Khan Kakar, Tariq Rahim Khan Kakar and Shaied Zaman Khan.

The Ayub National Stadium is the largest stadium in the city and the site of international cricket and football matches.

Khalid Mehmood won Mr. Junior Pakistan in javelin throw, while Khilji brothers Nisar Khilji won senior and Gulzar Khilji won Junior titles of Mr. Pakistan.


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