Demographics of Quetta


Quetta was historically part of the Pashtun-dominated Hotaki and Durrani Empire until it was invaded by the British Raj in the mid-19th century, during the First Anglo-Afghan War. The city in general is dominated by Pashtun people followed by Baloch people and Brahuis, with Hazaras, Punjabi and others as the minority groups. Most of the Baloch people in Quetta arrived after 1970, when a new province with the name of Balochistan was created. The major Pashtun tribes which live in Quetta are Kasi, Kakar, Barech, and others.

Pashto is the main language spoken throughout the city. Other languages include Brahui, Balochi, Urdu, Hazaragi, Sindhi, and Punjabi. The city has expanded from a population of just 11,000 in 1891 to a total of between 565,137 to 676,941 according to the 1998 census which makes it the ninth biggest city in Pakistan. Although the majority were repatriated back to Afghanistan through the UNHCR, a small number of registered Afghan refugees are still to be found in and around the city but are not counted in the national census of Pakistan as they are citizens of Afghanistan deemed to be remaining in the country temporarily.

About 99% of the people are Muslims, which include the majority Sunni sect and the minority Shias most of whom are the Hazaras. There is also a Christian, Hindu, and Sikh population living in the city.


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