Quetta Attractions

Quetta the capital city of Balochistan province Pakistan is situated at a height of 1654 meters above sea level. The city is surrounded by unyielding hills and has been rightly named Quetta meaning the fort. The silent sentinels are Chiltan, Zarghoon, Takatoo, and Mordar Hills.

Quetta lies at the mouth of the Bolan Pass which has served as an entrance to South Asia since times immemorial. Because of its key location, Quetta is still an important city. Its close proximity to the neighboring countries of Iran and Afghanistan makes it an important trade centre. It is well connected to the other cities of Pakistan through a network of roads.

Quetta is a major tourist attraction owing to its exciting location and the adventures it offers. The city has many visitors during summer while those who enjoy a good snowfall come here during winter. The major attractions of Quetta city are:


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